CATHOLIC TRIVIA (Round the World Quiz)

How many Catholics are there in the world?

a. a million     b. 600 million    c. a billion


ANSWER What country boasts the highest Catholic population? ANSWER

What continent has the highest Catholic population?

ANSWER In what country would you find the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope? (Hint: Not Italy) ANSWER

How many Catholic priests are there around the globe?

a. 50,000+     b. 400,000+    c. a million

ANSWER Outside the Vatican, what city is home to the highest number of relics? (Hint: the city starts with "P") ANSWER




What does the Blessed Mother have in heaven that the rest of us will not have until the Last Day? ANSWER When the pregnant Blessed Mother showed up at Elizabeth’s house, Elizabeth’s baby leaped inside her womb. Who was the baby? ANSWER

Who designed the Miraculous Medal, which has been worn around the necks of millions of Catholics?

a. the Virgin Mary

b. St. Catherine LaBoure

c. Betsy Ross

ANSWER Who told Mary to name her Son Jesus? ANSWER

What great promise did the Blessed Mother give to all who go to Confession and receive Communion on the first Saturdays of five consecutive months?

ANSWER Fill in the blank: The ____________ of Mary was necessary for the Redemption of mankind. ANSWER

CATHOLIC TRIVIA (The Future-of-Your-Soul Quiz)

What part of you will definitely die?

a.  your body     b. your soul      c. both

ANSWER What is the only thing that can keep you from going to heaven? ANSWER
Incredibly, the Bible teaches that some people will not have to die. Which people? ANSWER What does the water of Baptism wash away from a baby’s soul? ANSWER

What three sacraments do we all need on our deathbed?

ANSWER Where did the souls of Noah and his wife go after they died?  a. heaven    b. hell    c. purgatory     d. Limbo of the Fathers  e. Noah’s ark ANSWER
What can we expect in purgatory?

a.  pain    b.   joy   c.   pain and joy    d. neither

ANSWER What does Confirmation do to a person that will be noticeable even when we are in heaven or hell? ANSWER




CATHOLIC TRIVIA (The Acronymous Quiz)

What does the "N" in INRI stand for? a. Noel    b. Nazarene   c. neophyte  d. Nuncio  e. nun    


ANSWER If your boyfriend’s middle initials are “F.X.,” what are his middle names? ANSWER

What does IHS refer to?

ANSWER To what creature does the Greek word “Ichthys” refer? ANSWER

What does BVM stand for?

ANSWER What does it mean if a priest has the initials “S.J.” after his name? ANSWER



CATHOLIC TRIVIA (The Perfect Mass)

What gesture should the faithful make just before receiving Communion?

a. genuflect    b. bow one's head


What type of sacred music takes a place of pride in the Roman liturgy? (Hint: the initials are G.C.)


According to the Second Vatican Council, what musical instrument should be held in high esteem at Mass?

ANSWER What is the correct posture of the faithful during Scripture readings before the Gospel? During the Gospel? During the consecration? ANSWER

How many Bible readings are there at Sunday Mass?
ANSWER The U.S. bishops encourage the use of all of the following at a Roman Mass except for one. Which one is NOT encouraged?

a. immoveable altar    b. flowers   c. candles   d. relics of martyrs  e. visible Crucifix       f. images of the Lord, the saints, & Blessed Mother    g. recruiting multitudes of laypeople to distribute Communion






What was Jesus’ blood type?   


ANSWER Four sins are traditionally known as the “sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance.” Which one should NOT be on the list?         a. willful murder     b. willful gossip    c. oppression of widows or orphans     d. sodomy    e. cheating a laborer out of wages   ANSWER
During the 1917 apparitions of Mary in Fatima, Portugal, an angel appeared to the children seers. What word did the angel cry out three times?  

a. Penance    b. hello      c. be nice

ANSWER Which Christians are most similar to Catholics in doctrine and worship? ANSWER

Thanks to the visions of a mystic nun, what were searchers able to locate?

a. Mary’s house     b. Mary’s Bible     c. Mary’s sandals

ANSWER What is the cool thing about Divine Mercy Sunday? ANSWER




CATHOLIC TRIVIA (Early Church Challenge)

What did the first church council in Spain forbid bishops, priests, and deacons from having?    


ANSWER Who were the four Gospel writers? ANSWER

What became legal in 313 A.D. thanks to the Edict of Milan?

ANSWER Who wrote the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament? ANSWER

Around 107 A.D., St. Ignatius of Antioch became the first person to use what famous two words?

ANSWER How were Peter and Paul martyred? ANSWER
Name at least three languages in which one might have heard at Mass in very early Christianity.   


ANSWER Hermeneutics is the art of what?  a.  being a hermit   b. correct Bible interpretation ANSWER

Who ordered St. Jerome to translate the Bible into Latin?

ANSWER Name at least two famous creeds. ANSWER

True or False: Mary Magdalene is a saint.

ANSWER What powerful king did Pope Leo the Great convince not to conquer Rome? ANSWER





CATHOLIC TRIVIA (The Holiday Challenge)

Valentine’s Day got its name from whom?   

a. Catholic priest    b. a Catholic bishop    c. a pope


ANSWER Columbus Day gets its name from whom?

a, a Catholic priest    b. a Catholic bishop     c. a Catholic evangelist

St. Patrick’s Day got its name from whom?  

a. Catholic priest    b. a Catholic bishop    c. a pope


What is the meaning of the word “Christmas”? 

a. Christ’s Mass   b. Christ’s manager    c. Jingle Bells


Santa Claus got his name from whom? 

a. Catholic priest    b. a Catholic bishop    c. a pope


ANSWER Why are shamrocks associated with St. Patrick’s Day?



The Gregorian calendar got its name from whom?

a Catholic priest   b. a Catholic bishop      c. a pope

ANSWER What holiday is also known as Shrove Tuesday? ANSWER
Why do Catholic school students always have off from school the day after Halloween? ANSWER What holiday marks the finale of the 12 Days of Christmas? ANSWER
Why did St. Patrick pick up a shamrock? ANSWER What major saint is believed to have put together the first nativity scene?







What color do priests wear on Palm Sunday? 


ANSWER The high priest of the Old Testament and Catholic priests of the New Testament have various similarities. Which is NOT common to both?

a. wearing special vestments    b. Sacrifice     c. using incense   d. Being anointed with oil    e. Influence in the Sanhedrin


What prayer must priests say every day no matter where they are?

ANSWER Name at least two parts of the body that the priest anoints with oil as part of the Sacrament of the Sick (the Sacrament of Extreme Unction)? ANSWER

Monks, friars, and nuns take three vows – poverty, celibacy, and obedience. Diocesan priests take two of these vows. Which two?

ANSWER Who would you have to be in order to confer the Sacrament of Holy Orders upon a new priest? ANSWER




CATHOLIC TRIVIA (The Apostle Quiz)

Who was the last Apostle to die? 


ANSWER How was the death of the Apostle St. John unique among the apostles? ANSWER

Two of the original Twelve Apostles had the same name. Which two?

ANSWER What was the occupation of the Apostle St. Matthew?  a. tax collector   b. postal worker   c. store clerk ANSWER

Who presided over the Council of Jerusalem in 51 A.D.?

ANSWER To which Apostle did Jesus give the keys to heaven? ANSWER




I ate modest meals of locusts and honey. When my mother was pregnant, I leaped inside her womb when a special baby arrived at our house. Who am I? 


ANSWER Under my reign as Emperor, bishops, priests and deacons were jail and tortured, Christians massacred, and churches destroyed. Who am I? ANSWER

My inventing the printing press means we can print Bibles instead of waiting for monks to copy them by hand. Who am I?

ANSWER People like to call me “the Founder of California.” Who am I? ANSWER

My coins have the letter “C” or “M.” My mother was St. Helena. From a vision, I saw clearly I should be Christian and conquer in the name of Christ. Who am I?

ANSWER I established the Secretariate of Indian Affairs to protect native Americans from overzealous colonists in the New World. Who am I? ANSWER




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