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Philadelphia                                      New York             Washington D.C plus MD & VA


Chicago                                              Atlanta


Denver                                      Miami


San Francisco                                   San Jose


Los Angeles                                       San Diego


Santa Fe                                               Houston-Galveston



Milwaukee                                            Dallas                  


Oakland (Calif)                                   Bridgeport (Conn),


Palm Beach                                          Portland, OR


St. Augustine                                      New Orleans


more New Orleans                              Pittsburgh


St. Paul                                                  Minneapolis


Gary                                                       Toledo (Ohio)


Cleveland                                             Cincinnati


Columbus                                             Youngstown (Ohio)


Brownsville (Texas)                             Baltimore


Erie                                                         Raleigh


 Orlando                                                  Lincoln (Nebraska)


Portland (Maine)                                 Richmond (Virginia)


Wheeling-Charleston (West Virginia)


 Rockville                                              Wichita


Trenton                                               Charlotte


 Lexington                                             Memphis


Providence                                          Houma-Thibodaux


Wilmington (Delaware)                     Trenton, NJ      Metuchen



Remember, to join in the fun, well, you have to show up. Don’t wait until you have someone to go with….I know people that have been waiting for years to find someone to go with, and, well….. now they are bitter, demented hermits…..J  It’s the people that just showed up that are reaping all the benefits, and who now have an extra 50 friends to accompany them to other events. Many even met the love of their life. But that is not a good reason to go.



Remember, the names & phone numbers of all churches are available at


Special Announcement: World Youth Day 2005 with the Holy Father:  Participants and Donations needed. The Phila. Archdiocese for Youth & Young adults has 70 spaces reserved for a diocesan pilgrimage to Cologne, Germany, Aug 14-22, 2005. The cost for 16-35 year olds is $2,350. If you would like to attend or donate (help a young person), contact OYYA at 215-965-4636 or 222 N. 17th St., Phila PA 19103


Catholic Young Adult Groups in America


Catholic Alumni Clubs around the USA


  Awesome Book for Catholic Young Adults!    Catholicism - Now I Get It!   by



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