THE SIN QUIZ                  



1. One of the following is NOT sinful by nature. Which one?


A.   selling of slaves

B.   gluttony


C.   racism


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2. When is it wrong to flatter a person?

A.   if they already have a swelled head

B.   if you are romantically interested in them

C.    if it’s regarding a sinful act


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3. All of the following are intrinsically sinful practices except for one. Which one?

a.    witchcraft

b.    astrology

c.    palm reading

d.    tarot card reading

e.    consulting one’s horoscope

f.     betting on a football game

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4.  When a person uses the name of God in a disrespectful way, which commandment are they breaking?

a.    2nd commandment

b.    10th  commandment

c.    all the commandments


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5.      Which of the following does the Church NOT condemn as a grave evil?

A.   suicide

B.   assisted suicide

C.   autopsies


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6. When did the Catholic Church first teach that abortion is a grave evil?

A.   1st century

B.   5th century

C.   15th century

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7.    All of the following are mortal sins except for one. Which one?

a.    Polygamy

b.    Drinking Alcohol

c.    In-Vitro Fertilization

d.    Cloning of Humans

e.    Masturbation

f.     Mutual Masturbation

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8.  Whose soul bears the guilt of adultery?

A.   A married woman who cheats with a single man

B.   A single woman who cheats with a married man

C.   A person who marries a divorced person whose marriage vows were valid (no annulment)

D.   A person who is willing to, or makes an effort, to cheat on their spouse but never gets the chance

E.   All of the above.

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9.    Since the first century, the Catholic Church has said contraception is a serious evil. Even before the first century, the Jewish faith also condemned it. Protestants also regarded it as a grave evil until what century?

g.    5th

h.    10th

i.      15th

j.      20th


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10. The marriage vows of all these couples except one would be invalid (and therefore eligible for an annulment). Which one is NOT grounds for an annulment?

A.   Still drunk and drugged out, a couple wakes up in Las Vegas. They were not fully aware of their actions during the marriage ceremony.

B.   While husband recites vows at wedding, he is secretly planning to cheat on his  wife soon after, or is at least willing to cheat should Lola come knocking.

C.   One or both spouses marry with plans to permanently block all chances of having children by using birth control pill, condom, etc.

D.   Couple has the idea they will have a “trial marriage” where if it doesn’t work out, they’ll just part ways. Couple believes that remarriage is acceptable.

E.   One of the spouses has severe psychological illness prior to and during wedding that prevents him or her from fulfilling obligations of marriage.

F.    Couple marries, but husband forgot to mention to wife he was married previously to a lovely princess who is still searching for him.

G.   Catholic marries a Buddhist in Buddhist ceremony with no permission or dispensation from Catholic Church

H.   On the day of the wedding, both spouses are completely aware and mature regarding obligations of marriage, but 10 years later, one spouse succumbs to evil and commits adultery.

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11.  In Old Testament times, what was the punishment for adultery?

a.    tongue lashing

b.    ten-minute whipping

c.    execution by stoning


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12.  Do we have a moral obligation to avoid the “near occasions of sin”?

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13.  What is the most common sexually transmitted disease in America?

a.    herpes

b.    AIDS

c.    gonorrhea

d.    syphilis

e.    HPV

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14.  Besides being a mortal sin that hurts God more than we can imagine, premarital sex brings sexually transmitted diseases. How many people in the U.S. have an incurable STD?

a.    6,500

b.    65,000

c.    650,000

d.    65,000,000

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15.  Not abstaining from meat on the Fridays of Lent would be a:

a.    venial sin

b.    mortal sin

c.    neither

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16.  An Ethical Conundrum: A woman is four months pregnant when she is diagnosed with cancer. The doctor tells her if she doesn’t take the chemo treatment, she will die within two weeks, but if she does take it, the baby will die. What does the Church teach?

A.   She should do nothing

B.   She can take the treatment even though it could kill the baby


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17.  Pope John Paul II has said the beginning of human life takes place __________.

a.    when the egg is fertilized

b.    three weeks after conception


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18. Slander is prohibited by which commandment?

        a. first

        b. eighth

        c. tenth


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19. Which best describes Church teaching on marital relations?

        a. Everything goes

        b. Everything goes if it leads up to the man's seed planted in the wife

        c. twice a day limit


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20.  Which best describes Church teaching on pre-marital conduct?

        a. marital activity permitted only after engagement

        b. anything goes if clothes are on

        c. neither male nor female may climax, or make any move that puts oneself in any temptation of climaxing.


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