25. Who developed a symbolic interpretation of the Eucharist?

A.                         Mr. Zwingli (16th century Reformer)

B.                          St. Augustine ( 4th-5th century Church Doctor)


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THE ANSWER IS…..A….Mr. Zwingli, a 16th century Reformer, helped develop the symbolic definition of the Eucharist, reversing the historically Christian literal interpretation of the Eucharist.


Dr Kenneth J Howell writes: “Zwingli had already developed a symbolist interpretation of the Eucharist under the influence of a Dutch physician, Cornelis Hoen. Hoen convinced Zwingli that Christ’s words, "This is my body" had to mean "This signifies my body." For Luther, this was unacceptable. Luther had completely rejected the notion of transubstantiation and the sacrificial character of the Mass, but he still wanted to affirm that Christ was bodily present in the Lord’s Supper. With this growing tension between the reform movements of various cities, some civil leaders wanted to find common ground. So Philip, the Landgrave of Hesse, called a colloquy for many of the Protestant leaders in his capital of Marburg.” (See the full article at www.chnetwork.org/journals/authority/authority_4.htm “Crisis of Authority in the Reformation.”)















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