17.  THE QUESTION WAS……. According to 1 Peter 3:21, what does baptism do?

a.     saves you

b.     saves you not

c.     inspires you



THE ANSWER IS……A…..Saves you



1 Peter 3:18-22

For Christ also suffered for sins once, the righteous for the sake of the unrighteous, that he might lead you to God. Put to death in the flesh, he was brought to life in the spirit.

In it he also went to preach to the spirits in prison, who had once been disobedient while God patiently waited in the days of Noah during the building of the ark, in which a few persons, eight in all, were saved through water. This prefigured baptism, which saves you now. It is not a removal of dirt from the body but an appeal to God for a clear conscience, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who has gone into heaven and is at the right hand of God, with angels, authorities, and powers subject to him.


Mark 16:16: “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved.”

Other Bible verses on a regenerative Baptism include: John 3:5, 22,   Titus 3:5, Acts 2:37-38, Acts 22:16, 1 Corinthians 6:11, Romans 6:4, 1 Peter 3:21, Hebrews 10:22


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