When Martin Luther wrote his German translation of the Bible, he added a word where it had never appeared in the text previously. What word was it?

  1. angry

B.     alone

  1. acorn





In Romans 3:28, Luther added the word “alone” after “faith” in his German translation of the Bible. Fortunately, this did not seep into our English version of the Bible


For more info, read “Where We Got the Bible” by Henry Graham.


When people gave Luther grief for his adding of the word “alone” to the Bible, Luther replied:

“If your Papist annoys you with the word (alone), tell him straightaway, Dr. Martin Luther will have it so: Papist and ass are one and the same thing. Whoever will not have my translation, let him give it the go-by: the devil’s thanks to him who censures it without my will and knowledge. Luther will have it so, and he is a doctor above all the doctors in Popedom.” (Amic. Discussion, I, 127, “The Facts About Luther” O’Hare, TAN Books, 1987, p.201)


http://www.canapologetics.net/html/luther.html (The Myth of Martin Luther)




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