8. THE QUESTION WAS: St. Augustine is considered by both Catholics and Protestants to be the greatest Father of Christian thought. Which of the following doctrines did he believe?


    1. The bread and wine of the Eucharist were literally (not symbolically) changed to the true Body and Blood of Christ
    2. Baptism was necessary for salvation
    3. Baptism destroyed original sin
    4. praying for the dead in purgatory
    5. the leader of the true church must be a direct successor of Peter
    6. all bishops of the Church must be direct successors of apostles
    7. mortal and venial sin
    8. the perpetual virginity of Mary
    9. once justified, one can lose his justification
    10. The Mass is a Sacrifice
    11. Confession of sins to God through a priest
    12. Doing penance
    13. All of the Above


THE ANSWER IS:  M  (St. Augustine believed ALL of the above)



Quotes by St. Augustine




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