3.      THE QUESTION WAS: Just prior to his death in the 13th century, St. Thomas Aquinas made this statement concerning his writings: 


“I submit all to the judgment and correction of the _____________________.”

A.     the Church

B.     the Holy Roman Church

C.     Sola Scriptura






St. Thomas Aquinas (c 1225-1274)

“I have written anything erroneous concerning this sacrament or other matters, I submit all to the judgment and correction of the Holy Roman Church, in whose obedience I now pass from this life.”


St. Thomas Aquinas, perhaps the greatest Catholic theologian and Church Doctor since St. Augustine, was noted for his holiness of life even in his childhood years. This great Christian philosopher is most famous for his doctrinal work, Summa Theologica, which includes writings on the Incarnation, the Trinity, the Angels, Creation, Grace, Increases in Grace, the Seven Sacraments, the Saving Effects of Baptism, Penance, Mortal Sin, Confession, the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the Importance of Confirmation, What Must Happen after a person loses grace before grace can be restored, etc.


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