26.  THE QUESTION WAS: What was St. Jerome discussing when he said, “It is one thing to owe ten thousand talents, another to owe but a farthing.”

a.     the difference between mortal and venial sins

b.     the difference between and poor in wealth and the poor in spirit



THE ANSWER IS……. A…He was writing about degrees of sins, saying there is a big difference between a venial and mortal sin.

Here is St. Jerome’s quote:

"There are venial sins and there are mortal sins. It is one thing to owe ten thousand talents, another to owe but a farthing. We shall have to give an accounting for an idle word no less than for adultery. But to be made to blush and to be tortured are not the same thing; not the same thing to grow red in the face and to be in agony for a long time. . . . If we entreat for lesser sins we are granted pardon, but for greater sins, it is difficult to obtain our request. There is a great difference between one sin and another."  St. Jerome ("Against Jovinian" c. 393 A.D.)


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