24. THE QUESTIONS WAS: Why was only one apostle chosen to be head, according to St. Jerome in 393 A.D.?

a.     to avoid division

b.     the other 11 weren’t true leaders



THE ANSWER IS….. A….to avoid division in the Church. Only one apostle, Peter, was chosen to be head to avoid division, according to St. Jerome.

Here is St. Jerome’s full quote:

"'But,' you [Jovinian] will say, 'it was on Peter that the Church was founded' [Matt. 16:18]. Well . . . one among the twelve is chosen to be their head in order to remove any occasion for division."  St. Jerome ("Against Jovinian," c. 393 A.D.)

http://www.cin.org/users/jgallegos/schism.htm (Schism info)

http://www.cin.org/users/jgallegos/hiearch.htm (Hierarchical Structure)




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