1. THE QUESTION WAS: Which came first:?

a. the sign of the cross

b. the Council of Nicaea I?





THE ANSWER IS…..A…..The sign of the cross.


The Council of Nicaea I was in 325 A.D., long after Christians were signing the cross on themselves)

For example, theologian Tertullian, writing in 211, said, “We furrow our forehead with the sign [of the Cross] 


According to Karl Keating’s “Catholicism and Fundamentalism,” making the sign was already an old practice when this was written. (p. 38 “Catholicism & Fundamentalism”


In 386, St. Cyril of Jerusalem wrote: "Let us then not be ashamed to confess the Crucified. Be the cross our seal, made with boldness by our fingers on our brow and in everything; over the bread we eat and the cups we drink, in our comings and in our goings out; before our sleep, when we lie down and when we awake; when we are traveling, and when we are at rest" (Catecheses, 13).


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