What topic is treated by the anti-Catholic book series Left Behind, which has sold a whopping 60 million copies over the past few years?


a. Biblical times

b. End Times

c. Santa Claus


THE ANSWER IS….B….End Times.


These books contain serious Biblical errors. For example, they falsely propose that there will be two Second Comings instead of one. This idea would be rejected not only Catholics but by 95 percent of the rest of Christianity, including Orthodox, Anglican and almost all Protestants.


Don’t be surprised if you see movies, videos, TV shows, and CDs being spun off this series.


In addition to being wrong, these books are “both subtly and overtly anti-Catholic,” according to a publication of the U.S. Bishops’ Department of Education.



Reommended book: Will Catholics Be “Left Behind"? by Carl E. Olsen

Recommended book:  The Rapture Trap: A Catholic Response the “End Times” Fever  by Paul Thigpen





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