29. THE QUESTION WAS: Which of the following statements is true.

a.                  It’s OK for Catholics to receive Communion at Protestant churches

b.                  It’s OK for Protestants to receive Communion at Catholic churches

c.                   Neither should receive Communion at the other.

d.                  Both can receive Communion at the other




THE ANSWER IS….C…Although it is admirable for the faithful to engage in interfaith dialogue, interfaith prayer and interfaith service projects and goals, and although it is fine to accept an invitation to attend church with a friend of another Christian denomination, and although there is much more uniting Protestants and Catholics than separating them, one should refrain from receiving Communion out of courtesy and respect for the other church, and for several other good reasons.  I, personally, made the mistake of receiving communion at a non-denominational church in the mid-90s and would like to take this opportunity to apologize to that church for my ignorance.



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