19. True or False: The Church teaches it is sinful for movies and TV shows to present violence or sinful behavior.

a.                  True

b.                  False



THE ANSWER IS….. False……It is not sinful to portray sins or certain violence on TV or film. But it is sinful to portray such things without a moral framework. For example, glorifying the violence of a war or murders, or portraying violence or other sin in a way that makes it look enjoyable or cool, would be wrong.


Another example: A movie that involves adultery or premarital sex cannot make these actions look acceptable or cool. However, if a moral context is present, where the characters’ actions are presented as something that is gravely wrong with regrettable consequences, it can be allowable. (but keep in mind, scenes intended to stir up lust in the viewer are also wrong even if the moral context is there)


Parents and other couples often lament it’s almost impossible these days to find TV shows without all the sick stuff. Some have reported that e-mailing/ writing to TV shows and producers have helped reduce offensive language and content. If people do not communicate their concerns, networks will continue to be under the impression that the people are happy with non-stop jokes about body parts and body functions.


It is no wonder that when people from foreign countries see the magazines, movies, and celebrity interviews from this country, they conclude that something is seriously wrong in America.




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