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The Catholic Church teaches that justification is by faith, and the fruits of true faith are good works, and must necessarily be good works. We are not capable of bringing ourselves to justification. It comes when we are infused with the free gift of grace.



Here are the names of a few Catholic apologists (defenders of the faith). Many of their articles are accessible on the Internet.


Jimmy Akin (former evangelical of PCA)

Patrick Madrid

Karl Keating

Dr. Scott Hahn (former Presbyterian minister)

Tim Staples

Rev. William G. Most (now deceased)

David B. Currie

Stephen K. Ray

Mark Shea

Jeff Cavins

Dr. Peter Kreeft

Dave Armstrong

Joe Gallegos


If you have advanced theological questions, you can contact a Catholic apologist!




Apologist Scott Hahn ( can be contacted at:

The Saint Paul Center

Scott Hahn, Director

5A Hawthorne Court

Steubenville, Ohio 43952

Apologist Patrick Madrid ( can be contacted at

Apologist Tim Staples can be contacted at

Apologist Mark Shea ( can be contacted at



Catholic Answers can answer your theological questions during business hours at 619-387-7200.


Or, try the Coming Home Network ( at (800) 664-5110 or (740) 450-1175.



Those interested in reading the words of the Early Church Fathers might check out The Faith of the Early Church Fathers (compiled by William A. Jurgens)


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