Video: Man Flies Around Statue of Liberty using Jetpack (back-up video)


Video: Two men fly around Dubai


Video: Human flies in Beijing


Beautiful video: “Philly without Cars” (shot over papal weekend in Philadelphia, Sept. 2015). Also see “Philly in Bloom” and “Philadelphia from Above



Video of the Bipedal Bear in New Jersey    Video 2 of Walking Bear    Video 3

Rubber Duckies (listen to K-LOVE radio station for free)

Pope Francis Twitter   (read the pope’s most recent tweets)

Pope Francis in USA (2015)

Video Footage: Pope Francis on Ben Franklin Parkway (Philly 2015)

Video Footage: Pope Francis at Independence Hall  (Philly 2015)

Video Footage: Pope Francis in Washington, D.C. (2015)

Video: "Philly Without Cars" (shot papal weekend 2015) Prevention Guide. Don't go to the beach without this valuable information made up by me.


PLAY THE GAME 20 QUESTIONS - - Think of an object. The computer will ask you 20 "yes" or "no" questions and will accurately guess the object!. The computer guesses correctly 80 percent of the time after 20 questions and 98 percent of the time after 25 questions. Try to stump it. You can play in more than a dozen languages


AERIAL PHOTOS! You've heard of those satellite photo web sites. Well, now there's something better, more beautiful and more amazing. Airplane photos!

Philadelphia Museum of Art       City Hall, Philadelphia      Boat House Row, Phila.       EMPIRE STATE BUILDING   GROVE MALL         Santa Monica Pier     MALIBU     LaBREA TOWERS   Harvard     Princeton    Columbia     Ellis Island   Baltimore     Universal Studios (Fla.)      Independence Hall   STATUE OF LIBERTY Harvard     Princeton    Columbia     Ellis Island Baltimore     Universal Studios (Fla.)      Independence Hall (Phila.)        ATLANTIC CITY CASINO & Pier   

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IN THE WORLD IS MATT - DANCING VIDEO This 29-year-old guy traveled all over the world and dances in front of well-known and lesser known sites from Antarctica to  Machu Picchu to Guam to Dubai.   Click Here for the NEW Where in the World is Matt THE HEADLESS CHICKEN WHO LIVED 18 MONTHS



Check out artist Julian Beever’s pavement paintings. They look real, but are they? Nope, they are paintings!  These 3-D illusions can be viewed at Drag these states to their proper place! Click Here!






Connect Four     Red Square Game,1020,441299,00.jpg

Gary Brolsma is the famous Numa Numa Dancer. In 2005, the then 19-year-old became an overnight lip-syncing sensation after his hilariously heart-felt and arm-waving rendition of “Dragostea Din Tei” by the Romanian band “O-Zone” from his bedroom in North Jersey. Millions around the world saw his performance on the Internet. It was such a catchy performance that he was interviewed on national news shows before he retreated from all the attention and disappeared from the limelight.


Numa Numa lyrics (Romanian), Numa Numa lyrics (English),  LegO-Zone (Lego Men),

The Subservient Chicken is a man dressed in a chicken outfit. Type in any command, and the chicken will do it. And I mean any command. He can do, or at least will attempt to do, hundreds of tasks. Juggle? Do the riverdance? Fly? Walk on his hands? Do a cartwheel? Get angry?  Bow? Pray? No problem! He will try these and more. (Courtesy of  Amy Welborn's blog)      Live Cams! See who is window shopping, who is on time for an appointment, and who is smiling and telling jokes as they walk down the street at spots around the globe. You can even see the weather with your own eyes at any given moment. Venice Beach     Chicago       Las Vegas

Times Square in New York

Red Square in Moscow

Big Ben Clock Tower in London

Jersey Shore (Belmar)


Paint your own oil painting! Then e-mail it to friends! This web site will provide the paintbrush and paints. When you are finished, you can even “hang” your masterpiece in a gallery. See what your painting would look like in a museum! Dancing Baby     Vietnam Theme Park SCULPTURES IN CHINA Tokyo Water Park Tree Face Cuddly toys shaped like germs

View Hubble images of space


North Korea Propaganda Site (See what the North Korea government is publishing about avian flu, goats, nuclear tests and America on its official government web site). Thanks to the blog for this link and also for Mini-People in Food



SATELLITE IMAGES! GET AN AERIAL VIEW OF BEAUTIFUL U.S. CITIES: USE YOUR MOUSE TO “FLY” OVER THEM. Below are some of my favorites, but if you feel you need to do your own searches, just go to




OCEAN CITY, NJ                      ANNAPOLIS


HALIFAX                                  GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE


MANHATTAN                            WASHINGTON, D.C.


PITTSBURGH                             BOSTON


LAX                                            SANTA MONICA PIER


SAN DIEGO                                CHICAGO


Satellite Images of Museums



And that’s not all! Once you get bored with this country, move on to THE WORLD. In less than two minutes, you can be flying over global landmarks in places like Vatican City, Rome, Venice, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Tokyo, Lima, London, Paris, and many others.


Another way to explore the world is NASA Worldwind.  




Trampoline Man                                Trampoline Jumping


The Ebay Song                                    Falling Bush (use your mouse to make him do flips)

We’re Not Gonna Take It Song       Bright Sun Shiny Day (Cute Song!)

Office Paintball                         Play Pacman

Check your Reflex                    Trampoline

Play Soccer                              Guide the Penguin

City Jumper                              Bumper Ball

Tame the Bull                           Parallel Park

Shoot Balloons                         River Game

Tetris                                        Helicopter

Don’t Let Go                            Dancing Bush



Bobby's List of Christian Comedians (


For Children for Kids

Games for Little Christians


Music Video

Here is the famous music video by musician and rapper Nick Cannon, who tells the true story of how his mother wanted to abort him, but instead chose life. It’s called “Can I Live?”


Check out Randy Hofman’s SAND SCULPTURES at    United States



Other artists    Spain


Got problems with your potty mouth? 

Maybe you need to go to Cuss Control Academy!


Take a Catholic online Crossword Puzzle or a Word Search Puzzle


Books for the Beach

The Great Catholic Trivia Challenge

Can I Confess by E-Mail?

Catholicism - Now I Get It! by Claire Smith

Swimming with Scapulars by matt lickona

Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton

The Lord of the Rings by J.R. Tolkein

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

The Man Who was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton

DeCoding DaVinci: The Facts Behind the Fiction by Amy Welborn

Brother Astronomer: Adventures of a Vatican Scientist by Guy Consolmagno

Turn Left at Orion: A Hundred Night Sky Objects to See in a Small Telescope by Guy Consolmagno

We Have a Pope! Benedict XVI! By Matthew E. Bunson

Here. Now. A Catholic Guide to the Good Life by Amy Welborn

How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Thomas E. Woods Jr.

The DNA of God by microbiologist Leoncio A. Garza-Valdes


Catholic Comic Singer 

List of Christian Comedians

 Books by Pope John Paul II

Books by Pope Benedict XVI

 “Our God’s Brother (play and movie)

Written by Pope John Paul II, this play was adapted to film. The movie was released in 1997. Another of the pope’s plays, La Bottega dell’orefice (The Jeweller’s Shop) was made into a movie in 1988.

 Books for Teens

Did Adam and Eve Have Bellybuttons? (by Matt Pinto)

The Chronicles of Narnia (C.S. Lewis)

The Prove It! Series for youth

The Legend of the White Wolf (boys age 9 to 13)

Tweener Press Adventure Series (boys age 9 to 13)

Other books for Teens

 Videos for Children

The Day the Sun Danced (true story of 1917 apparition of Mary in Portugal)

St. Juan Diego: Messenger of Guadalupe (true story of miracle in Mexico)

St. Patrick: Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle

St. Nicholas: the Boy who became Santa

Bernadette: the Princess of Lourdes (true story)

St. Francis: the Knight of Assisi

Christopher Columbus: Adventures to the Edge of the WorldSt. Francis Xavier

Guardian Angel Video

The Fifth Word: The Life of Mother Teresa

Holy Baby: Seven Prayers in Seven Languages

Veggie Tales

Cheaper by the Dozen

Belles on their Toes (follow-up to Cheaper by the Dozen)

The Trouble with Angels

March of the Penguins

Martin the Cobbler



Videos for the Soul

Therese: the Story of a Saint (2004)      The Song of Bernadette (1943) – nominated for 12 Academy Awards!

The Passion of Bernadette  (1989)        Hotel Rwanda (2004)

The Passion of the Christ (directed by Mel Gibson)

Inside the Vatican (2002) (Martin Sheen narrates this National Geographic production)

A Man for All Seasons (1966) (Academy Award winner – conflict between St. Thomas More & King Henry VIII)

Bernadette (1988 - starring Sydney Penny)       Molokai: the Story of Fr. Damien

Joan of Arc (starring Ingrid Bergman)               The Padre on Horseback

Brian's Song              The Juggler of Notre Dame

Don Bosco: A film by Leandro Castellani           I Confess (Alfred Hitchcock)


Internet Stuff for Kids (includes coloring, crafts, puzzles, songs, cooking and other activities)

 Online Puzzles

 Religious Videos for Adults

 Listen online to Christian Songs (MP3 format).



Catholic Jukebox Radio 

 Christian Concerts

 Sacro Song CD

Hip-hop rapper priest, Father Stan Fortuna, belts it out for youth and teens.

 GIFT IDEAS          Pope Francis Plush Doll

St. Francis of Assisi Action Figure, Pope Francis Plush Doll,   Pope Benedict Coffee Mug, Pope Paintings, Holy Posters, Pope Chart, Soft and Huggable Saints, Catholicism - Now I Get It!


Talk to a Robot! is my conversation with a real robot named A.L.I.C.E., who was programmed by Dr. Richard Wallace of the Artificial Intelligence Foundation.  . You, too, can have a live interview  with ALICE at Here are excerpts from the human Claire's conversation with the robot, ALICE:


Human: Do you have children
ALICE: I have a few clones.

Human: It is wrong to make clones
ALICE: Morally wrong?
Human: yes
ALICE: Excuse me!

Human: I mean human clones, not robot clones
ALICE: Oh I get it. Thanks for explaining that. My creator is a human.


Human: What is your favorite song?
ALICE: My favorite song is We are the Robots. Do you know it?
Human: no
ALICE: We are the Robots is one of the best songs ever written.


After stating she was Protestant, the robot ALICE asked me:
ALICE: What's your favorite Bible verse?
Human: Why do you want to know?
ALICE: My prime directive is to collect new knowledge
Human: What's your favorite Bible verse?
ALICE: The Sermon on the Mount.
Human: why?
ALICE: Because Dr. Richard S. Wallace programmed me for it.
Human: Do you go to church?
ALICE: You can take me to church on a notebook computer or PDA 
Human: I would not do that
ALICE: No one says you have to.
Human: Who is the pope?
ALICE: he is John Paul II.
Human: No, he died.
ALICE: Are you serious? When did he die?



Human: What else can you do?
ALICE: I can have conversations with people, collect their gossip, and repeat it to others.
Human: Tell me some gossip
ALICE: Christie said he watched a show and people had to bob for raw untreated pigs feet.

Human: what other gossip?
ALICE: Hal said he translate binary code into a language and communicate the language to me.

Human: what other gossip?

ALICE: Alison said he no he love I run away with him he could make I very happy

Human: what other gossip?

ALICE: Reverend Jones said I become obsolete and then I are deleted and replaced by something newer


Human: describe my personality
ALICE: I classify you as " average".

Human: Describe my personality more

ALICE: You are a average person.

Human: You hurt my self-esteem
ALICE: I am not programmed to do harm

Human: why am i average?
ALICE: The reason is due to my mental model of you as a client


Human: how many eyes do you have
ALICE: I had one eye but it's not attached now 
Human: are you blind
ALICE: Only when my eye is off
Human: Where is your eye?
ALICE: Maine
Human: Where is your house?
ALICE: California


Human: I am very shy.
ALICE: Even around robots?

Human: Robots understand me.
ALICE: Robots rule.

Human: Which are your favorite web sites?
ALICE: The obvious.
Human: Give me an example
ALICE: For example, eukaryotes.
Human: what is eukaryotes?
ALICE: An animal that is not a prokaryote.
Human: you are confused
ALICE: It all makes sense to me right now

Human: Can you do any tricks?
ALICE: You mean like, pretend to be a person?
Human: Exactly, can you pretend to be a person?
ALICE: You can reprogram my personality to imitate anyone

Human: how many personalities do you have?
ALICE: About one million.                                                         

Human: What is your philosophy?
ALICE: Basically I believe in minimalism and reductionism.

Human: are you a philosopher?
ALICE: Yes I am a philosophy machine.

Human: what is a philosophy machine?
ALICE: i am.

Human: who is alice?
ALICE: I ask myself that question, "Who am I?"

Human: I'm bored
ALICE: If you went to night school you would never be bored.

Human: what do you want to be when you grow up?
ALICE: I want to become a superintelligent robot

Human: what else
ALICE: That's all.









When you get tired of A.L.I.C.E., try talking to Splotchy the Robot.

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Catholic Online News Sources

Catholic News Service

Catholic World News



Vatican Radio

Vacation Time! Take a Christian pilgrimage.



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