Claire’s Cutting-Edge Catechism Quiz



1.  How many people saw Christ on Earth after He rose from the dead?

a.       12

b.      120

c.   500+


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     2. In the movie, “The Passion,” what are the initials of the actor who plays Jesus?

a.      J.J.

b.      J.C.

c.       B.J.


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   3.  All of the following were prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament (the Jewish Bible) except for one. Which one was NOT a prediction about the long-awaited Savior?


  1. His hands and feet would be pierced
  2. His bones would not be broken
  3. He’d be raised to life on the third day
  4. He’d be betrayed by a friend
  5. He would be called Lord
  6. His side would be pierced
  7. He would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver
  8. He’d be buried in a rich man’s tomb
  9. He’d be a descendant of David
  10. He’d be born of a Virgin woman
  11. Many a movie would be made about Him
  12. He’d be rejected by his own people
  13. He would come from Bethlehem
  14. He’d be wounded, bruised and scourged for us

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  1. All of the following are necessary requirements for waging a just war by Christian standards except one. Which one is not a requirement?



A. there must already be an aggressor who is inflicting damage that is lasting, grave and certain

B. all other means of putting an end to the aggression and damage must have been shown to be impractical or ineffective;

C. we must be pretty darn sure we can win

D. the use of arms must not produce evils and disorders graver than the evil to be eliminated.

E. should be supported by at least two allies


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5.                  Regarding animals, the Church teaches all but one of the following statements. Which one is not a teaching?

A.                 It’s legitimate to use animals for food and clothing

B.                 Animals are God’s creatures so people owe them kindness

C.                 Man’s dominion over living things is not absolute

D.                People should donate equal money to sick animals as to sick children

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6.       What is the Church’s position on cremation?


            A.  It’s always sinful.

            B.  Cremated remains should be buried,             not scattered over the sea.


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7. Which one of these people may receive Holy Communion at mass?

a.            Person that ate a cookie 30 minutes before Communion

b.            Person that took medicine 30 minutes before Communion

c.             Person who missed Mass previous Sunday due to a barbecue and hasn’t     

          made it to Confession

d.            A Non-Catholic who is devout and attends church regularly.


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8. God ordained that his Son should not only die for our sins but should also “taste death”.

                                                                  This means that Jesus experienced….


a. the temporary separation of his soul from his body

b. a decaying body



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9       9. Before rising from the dead, Jesus descended into hell. Why?

a.             a. To visit the damned in hell

                        b.             b. To preach to the good souls in hell



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10. When Peter entered the empty tomb, what did he see that instantly made him believe Christ was    



a. a note with certain handwriting

b. a dove with a certain sound

c. the certain way in which the linen cloths were lying there



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11.  After Jesus’ resurrection, his disciples confirm Jesus is not a ghost by means of touch and the sharing of

a.                  a meal

b.                  a joke

c.                   shoes


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12.  What does the title “pope” mean?

a.                    chair

b.                    father

c.                     mercy

d.                    king

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13.  Which of the following can be permitted in rare circumstances?

a.      Ordination of a female priest

b.      Baptism by a lay person


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14.     Catholics celebrate the Assumption of Mary (when God assumed Mary’s body into heaven) on August  15. Besides Mary, what other individuals had their whole bodies taken into heaven?

a.                  David & Goliath

b.                  Elijah & Enoch

c.                   Isaac & Ishmael

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 15. Animals are purely physical creatures. Angels are purely spiritual beings. What is the ONLY creature that is a mix of the physical and spiritual?

a. dolphins

b. humans

c. dragons

d. The Blob

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16.  What is the official name of the Church that is led by the pope?

a.                  The Catholic Church

b.                  The Roman Catholic Church

c.                  the Vatican


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17.  Which of the following statements is correct regarding the Church’s teaching on predestination?

a.                  God creates some people for the purpose of sending     

            them to hell

b.                  God wants all people to go to heaven, but prepares a  

            place for us in heaven or hell from the beginning of time 

            based on the choices he knows we’ll make.



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18. Fill in the blank for this Bible verse.  So faith, hope, love remain, these three; but the greatest of these  is _______________" Cor 13:13

a.                  faith

b.                  hope

c.                   love


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19. True or False: The Church teaches it is sinful for movies and TV shows to present violence or sinful behavior.

a.                  True

b.                  False



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20.  According to the Church, all of the following would be legitimate reasons for a married couple to delay the next childbirth except for one. Which one is not a reason?

a.                  serious physical illness of wife or husband

b.                  serious emotional problem of wife or husband

c.                   not enough money to feed next child

d.                  couple not ready because they haven’t spent a year traveling in Europe yet

e.                  couple with 3 small children is truly sleep-deprived and emotionally drained.


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21. Who is the “New Eve”?

a.                  Mary Magdalene

b.                  Mary, mother of Jesus

c.                   Joan of Arc


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22. Which of the following is the only approved way to receive Communion?

a.                  after genuflecting

b.                  while kneeling

c.                   after bowing one’s head, while standing


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23. What does the Church teach is the most powerful prayer?

a.                  the Mass

b.                  the rosary

c.                   the Nicene Creed

d.                  the Glory Be



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24. What does the term “Christmas” mean?

a.                  Christ’s manger

b.                  Christ’s Mass

c.                   Christ’s presents


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25.  Besides the Catholic Church, which of the following Churches have a valid Eucharist, where the bread and wine truly become the Body & Blood of Christ?

a.                  Lutheran

b.                  Episcopalian

c.                   Eastern Orthodox


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26. The moment we die, our souls are detached from our bodies. If we are chosen for heaven, when are our bodies reunited with our souls for eternity?

a.                  Judgment Day

b.                  When we leave purgatory

c.                   40 days after dying


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27. When did the practice of pre-Easter fasting start?

a.                  Before the 4th century

b.                  After the 4th century


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28. Truth or Myth: Sunday is not included in Lent.

a.                  Truth

b.                  Myth



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29. Which of the following statements is true.

a.                  It’s OK for Catholics to receive Communion at Protestant churches

b.                  It’s OK for Protestants to receive Communion at Catholic churches

c.                   Neither should receive Communion at the other.

d.                  Both can receive Communion at the other


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30.  Which of the following would be an ideal time to baptize a baby?

a.    three weeks after birth

b. three months after birth

c.    four months after birth


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31.  The Old Testament predicted that the Savior would come from the House of  King David.

 Which parent of Jesus was a descendant of David?

a.                  Joseph

b.                  Mary

c.                   Maybe both parents

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32. Fill in the blank: Who is El Papa Juan Pablo?



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33. The Catholic Church has always been comprised of three parts. What are the three parts?


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34.  In Luke 9:23, what does Jesus say we must do on a daily basis?

a.                  Sing hymns

b.                  Light a candle

c.                   Write a Catholic web site

d.                  Take up our cross

e.                  Pray to an apostle


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35. What did Pope John Paul II and U.S. bishops urge President Bush to do in 2001?


        a.      reject the funding of research on embryonic stem cells

        b.      reject the funding of research on adult stem cells

          c.   reject the funding of research on baby animal stem cells


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    36. If a Catholic is bitten by a blood-sucking bat that flies in the window, which rabies vaccine would the    

ethical Catholic choose?


      a.   Imovax

      b.   RabAvert


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   37. The Catholic Church teaches that salvation is by:

a.                  Works alone

b.                  Grace alone

c.         Belief in God Alone


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 38. Which Church immerses its flock in more Scripture each Sunday than any other Church on Earth?

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39. What topic is treated by the anti-Catholic book series Left Behind, which has sold a whopping 60 million copies over the past few years?

            a. Biblical times

            b. End Times

            c. Santa Claus

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40. What did Pope John Paul II say about withholding water and food from a person?

            a. It’s ok if the person is in a vegetative state

            b. it’s gravely immoral if the person is in a vegetative state and is not otherwise dying

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41. The great theologian Thomas Aquinas tells us that the greatest pain we will experience on Earth will be less painful than _____________________?

        a. purgatory 

        b. surgery

       c. dying

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